Hey, You Never Know!

If you're from New York, you will immediately recognize this iconic motto. You really never do know. As long as you're playing, that is. Because no matter what, you have to play to win.

Unfortunately, in order to play you have to be a New York Resident. Traditionally, the only way to get your NY Lotto ticket is to be in New York. Traditions, are made to be broken, however.

The Rise Of Internet Lottery Sites

Over the past few years there have been some specialized lottery sites popping up. The most famous of them is a website called TheLotter. The concept is that there is no reason why someone else can't buy your lottery ticket for you. For a very small fee, you can order a New York Lotto ticket online with the numbers you select no matter where you're located.

It's not all electronic either. On the other end there is a human being whose job it is to go fill out lottery tickets in official New York Lottery sale locations. It's not even just the New York Lotto, it's also the Mega Millions, the Powerball, the EuroMillions, El Gordo De La Primitiva, and many other international lotteries. The most amazing thing about such a service is how little it costs. Each ticket merely has a transaction fee attached to it. At time of writing, a New York Lotto ticket cost one dollar and twenty cents instead of the usual dollar.

Win It!

That sounds optimistic, I know. However, it's been proven that winning the lottery is scientifically possible. Several individuals have made news in the past few years for having cracked the underlying principles behind their favorite lottery's draw.

Sometimes it's not as obvious as trying to win the jackpot. A couple in Massachusetts figured out that although winning the jackpot is very difficult, winning small prizes is not. They proved mathematically that with an investment of $300,000 in random tickets, the small payouts would add up to a net positive win.

They invested $600,000 of their own money to prove their point and raked in over two million dollars, which was around what the jackpot itself was worth.

Granted, it takes smarts and ingenuity to figure out such a system. It is not impossible, however. All you need is some computer horsepower and some basic math skills. TheLotter provides you with all the basic tools you might need to perform an analysis of the New York Lotto.

By plotting distribution patterns of historically successful numbers, you can try and figure out if there's a pattern to the numbers combinations that win.

Likewise, by graphing the payout distribution you can figure out if there is a pattern to the payout schedule.

Then again you can just buy a ticket with a random set of numbers and hope for the best. It's worked before for many others, and it might work for you. Sometimes pure dumb luck is just as good as anything else.